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Swedish Massage - 55 minutes. 
A classic therapeutic massage custom designed for each client by one of our therapist. As our most common form of massage, it combines long gliding strokes with muscle kneading. The results pure relaxation.
Begins at  $70.00
Deep Tissue Massage - 55 minutes.
This deep tissue massage uses specific techniques for restoring range of motion and for lengthening muscles. This massage concentrates on specific areas rather then an overall body treatment and leaves your body fully energized and rejuvenated. 
Begins at  $85.00
AromaTherapy Massage - 55 minutes.
A wonderful, relaxing massage session which includes carefully selected essential oils that are softly massaged into your skin. It is ideal for tense and overworked muscles. It promotes healing as it eliminates stress instantly from head to toe.  
Begins at  $80.00
Maternity (Pregnancy ) Massage - 55 minutes.
This special time in woman's life deserves a special treatment. A massage during pregnancy not only makes woman feel pampered, but offers undeniable physical benefits as well. It can relieve fatigue, enhance sleep, and soothe tired aching muscles.
Begins at  $80.00
Hot Stone Massage - 55 minutes.
Benefits of Stone body work:Irons out tight muscles,relaxes soft tissue with heat;sedates the central nervous system when the stones laid upon the spinal column;increases circulation and vitality; improves the tone of visceral organs;relieves sinus pressure.
Begins at  $85.00
Warm Honey Body Massage and Wrap - 85 minutes -
Honey Massage
is an authentic Tibetian treatment. Its an amazing experience for someone, who wants to take it a step further. Honey massage is given to people recovering from illness. This warm, honey massage is especially good for stimulating a sluggish circulation; it helps to condition the skin, helps to eliminate stretch marks and cellulite and improves blotting and water retention. Honey eliminates toxins and waste products as well. Clients report that they feel energized and revitalized after the treatment.
Begins at  $135.00
Herbal Massage - 55 minutes.
This unique treatment came to United States from Thailand, it has a wide variety of benefits. It sooths sore and aching muscles, relieves stiffness in joints, enhances blood circulation, sooth skin inflammation with anti- inflammatory herbs, and promotes better breathing with menthol and camphor herbs. We custom mix herbs for your specific needs.
Begins at  $105.00
Reflexology Treatment - 50 Minutes.
Reflexology is unique method of using the thumb and fingers to stimulate thousand of nerve ending in the foot, hand and ear. These endings correspond to all parts of the body, including organs and glands.
Begins at  $65.00
At Sasha G Salon and Spa we offer massage club privileges for massage junkies. annual fee $12.95    $53.00
Prices may change without notice.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - What is the best way to care for dry skin?

Bar soaps are usually not a good idea instead use good moisturizing face wash. Do not over wash or scrub too vigorously, nighttime mask or other over-night moisturizing treatment would be a great way to end the day.

Q - I have large pores, what is the best thing for me?

Large pores created in two ways and usually present anywhere like nose, face or facial skin. The first is through aggressive squeezing of blackheads and whiteheads, which stretches the pore. The second is heavy sebum production. When the sebaceous gland produces large volumes of sebum, the pore is forced to expand to release the oil and is therefore enlarged. The best you can do is keep pores debris-free with thorough cleansing, exfoliation, masks and professional facials - all will help make pores appear smaller, soften acne scars . Hydrating sun damage or mature skin helps to improve elasticity, minimize wrinkles.

Q - I am 48 years old and have pretty good skin. What other treatments would be beneficial for me?

There are many more treatments that will blow you away with results without spending whole lot of money,we welcome you for complimentory consultation

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