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Beauty Products

We stay in step with the leaders of the industry, bringing the most advanced
and most up-to-date innovations to our clients:

Mother Nature provides from her most fertile land, rich, botanical products. These botanicals continue to inspire
PEACE Spa skin care line, where the essence of nature and the best of technology results in healthy, natural skin, a feeling of being at our best, and a longing for a more peaceful, beautiful and soulful life.

The essence behind our PEACE Spa products begins with recognizing feminine energy as peace. Being at peace is a journey of transformation of mind, body and spirit. It is more than skin deep beauty. It is the harmony we all seek from nature. Our botanic products help in our personal life’s journey to self-realization, a true journey, rich with light, bold in beauty and holistic health.

As you choose PEACE Spa skincare, you choose to begin a journey to beauty in your spa and at home. And the result? A more beautiful and peaceful you.

Your journey starts now. PEACE Spa is an investment in your own beauty and harmony as well as a tangible investment in human economics as percentages of each purchase support our work at peacejourney.com. Here, we support and honor women and children and, together, enter on a beautiful & soulful path.


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